Manuscripts are often one of the most valuable and essential tools in a historian’s canon, providing an insight into social mores, developing legal or scientific application and trends & tastes of times past. From illuminated leaves, manorial deeds with hand-drawn estate maps, legal deeds and documents with the original wax seals, recipe books, medical receipts and lengthy autograph letters through to more ephemeral pieces such as cut signatures, postcards and signed photographs, the Bloomsbury Ephemera Fair provides a wide selection of manuscript and autograph material to thrill even the most eccentric collector and palaeographer.

All our fairs feature manuscripts from a wide variety of historical periods, often including pieces that predate the introduction of movable type, right up to modern signatures of notables from all walks of life.


If you are an established manuscripts dealer, or even if you are just an enthusiastic collector who is looking to become more earnestly involved in the preservation and exchange of this valuable historical resource, contact us now to find out about stand availability and prices.

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