Fair Review Sunday 23rd September

Sunday 23rd September saw a very busy fair, more room was booked at the Royal National to accommodate extra dealers. There was a real ‘buzz’ in the room. London was definately back to normal after the Olympics and Paralympics!

There was a large queue outside the Edward VII suite well before 10am, and tickets were sold prior to opening to facilitate an even flow of people into the fair when the doors opened.

There was a constant flow of visitors all day despite the awful weather, with everyone commenting on how busy things were.

Dealers reported good sales, and customers reported good purchases! This fair continues to be a great venue for both exhibitors, dealers, and visitors, there is always plenty of material on offer, from postcards, books, maps, prints, manuscripts, programmes, and lots of ephemera! The variety makes for a great place to visit, with quality items available as well as the odd bargain!

Our next fair is on October 28th, when we will be moving to the Galleon ‘A’ suite, at the Royal National Hotel, this will be a permanent move due to refurbishment. Look out for the signs directing you!

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