Ephemera is a hugely popular collectables area, with a massive variety of specific fields of interest contained within. Such a popular subject there are at least two associations dedicated to the representation of it here and in the US (The Ephemera Society and The Ephemera Society of America). These ephemera fairs provide an excellent opportunity to browse and purvey some of the finest and eclectic examples of ephemera in the country, and always have a strongly following amongst the country’s leading specialist dealers (and collectors).

Travel tickets, postcards, and invitations to legal documents of antiquity, privately printed broadsides and unique printed survivors of a bygone era, and with prices ranging from less than a pound to thousands of pounds, there is something for every collector of ephemera at this fair.


If you are an ephemera dealer or even if you are just an enthusiastic collector who is looking to become more immersed in the exciting world of ephemeral dealing, contact us now to find out about stand availability and prices.

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